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I'll be your eye


A fanmix chronicling the moment Obito's mask comes off, to the moment they find their way again.

(1-2) The Mask Comes Off, (3-4) Kakashi's Despair, (5-7) That Name Means Nothing to Me, (8-10) What Can Fill a Hole, (11-14) Your Future is Death, (15-17) Obito's Regret, (18-20) Coming Together Again

20 tracks
2 comments on I'll be your eye

Great mix! I really like how you chronicled their interactions and emotions in order, it really helps convey the roller coaster of emotions that they're experiencing. The song choices were dead on as well, loved the version of New Divide you used here.

Roller coaster of emotions is right! The two of them really have been through a lot in one night haven't they. Poor babies.