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we're the damned and you're to blame

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Oh god this is wonderful! I really really love the concept of this mix with a despair! song for each character. Do you have a track listing anywhere perchance? 8tracks won't let me listen to a bunch of songs b/c of my region, but I'd love to Youtube them and finish the mix properly if possible~

Thank you for listening! Oh, 8tracks, always making things more difficult than they should be. I don't have a link with the tracklisting, so I'll leave it here for you: +( izuru kamukura ) you're gonna go far, kid | the offspring
+( mikan tsumiki ) the nurse | the white stripes
+( hiyoko saionji ) i want my innocence back | emilie autumn
+( mahiru koizumi ) blood flight | jenny hval
+( peko pekoyama ) puppets | depeche mode
+( fuyuhiko kuzuryuu ) little pistol | mother mother
+( akane owari ) ready to die | andrew w.k.
+( nekomaru nidai ) counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the wardrums | a perfect circle
+( gundam tanaka ) saltkin | purity ring
+( sonia nevermind ) serial killer | lana del rey
+( kazuichi souda ) kill everyone | hollywood undead
+( teruteru hanamura ) carnivore | giselle rosselli
+( "byakuya togami" ) ballad of a politician | regina spektor
+( ibuki mioda ) pure fuckin' evil | blood on the dance floor
+( nagito komaeda ) what you wanted | onerepublic