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waking dream hangover


i was in love that night. you ever get really sad, but not sad, when youre hungover, but also intensely happy? like when you can feelthat slow burn kind of buzzing, like the alcohol in every fucking cell inur body runnnig its course and it slike the pain of that iis the as the pain that shows youfucking beautiful to know ur alive and sometime wont be, like no matter ow much you lvoe someone the night will be over someday.

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I'm currently hungover, and woke up to a message that had me feeling like I'd want to lay in my bed and stare at the ceiling for the rest of my life. Your playlist, is the perfect background music. Thank you, so much.

@loversforsale haha awh i ly you thank you!! i made this laying in bed super hungover actualy haa.. doesnt alcohol, like the later effects, the hangover effects put you in this weird kindd of dreamy, sentimental state?? thats what i wanted to make hahaa