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don't leave your heart exposed


everyone's favorite pink, terrifying, elegant, petty, adorable, manipulative, compartmentalizing, compassionate, "for the greater good," lawful neutral sugar princess

cover art by Natasha Allegri:

  • Yoshi's Story×The Nutcracker Suite by SAKAI
  • Janelle Monáe //The ArchAndroid by welle20
    Bring wings to the weak and grace to the strong/ May all evil stumble as it flies in the world
  • Lollipop by Bombalurina
    Mama told me what I should know/ Too much candy gonna rot your soul/ If she loves you/ Let her go/ 'Cause love only gets you down
  • 07 Inside the Castle Walls by PapoGame
  • Blumenkranz by Cheezitzrice
    I want to get stronger/ Because our world is very cruel/ It's advisable to remove withered flowers
  • Killer Queen by Queen
    Well versed in etiquette/ Extraordinarily nice/ She's a Killer Queen/ Gunpowder & gelatine
  • 02 In the 99 by Vienna Teng
    Remind me in my western chamber/ What this plan’s designed to save here/ I haven’t come to say I’m sorry/ But I swear I’m on your side
7 tracks