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long (desert, distance, dimension) relationships


sad nerdy coping fanmixes for two weenies in love are what I do best.

cover art by Sirida:

  • Telemiscommunications by Deadmau5
    Did I tell you that I loved you today?
  • Let My Love Open The Door (Pete Townshend) by garystockton
    Let my love open the door/ To your heart/ When everything feels all over
  • (Clockwork Instrumental) Time Travel by Chronotos
    I've never been so nervous in my life/ Somehow, I know that things will be okay
  • Simple and Clean from Kingdom Hearts (Extended Version) by ltuyetn
    Hold me/ Whatever lies beyond this morning/ Is a little later on
  • Unsaid by The Fray
    We're both pretty sure/ Neither one can tell/ We seem difficult/ What we got is hard as hell
  • Of Monsters Of Men "king And Lionheart" by jadejarvis98
  • Who Would Have Thought? by Darren Hayes
    I had to find you/ Had to get right back to you/ It's always been you
  • Yo Solos) by Waiting Mix (Beyonce And Ne
    I'll be waiting/ There's nothing else that I would rather do/ I'll be waiting/ 'Cause I can't sleep until I hear your heart/ I'll be waiting/ 'Cause patiently I'll wait right here for you
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