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the soldier that embraces all


"No matter how tough it gets, I just want to live my life with these people!"

  • Ever The Same by angel24
    You tide me over/ With a warmth I'll not forget/ But I can only/ Give you love
  • Oats We Sow by AnaKeren
    Someday/ I'll find the mind to mend it/ And make dry/ These eyes I've gotten wet/ 'Cause it's bad to do what's easy/ Just 'cause it's easy/ I wanna do what pleases me/ But I can't
  • 10 Never Look Away by Vienna Teng
    If you're out there/ In the cold/ I'll cover you in moonlight/ If you're a stranger/ To your soul/ I'll bring you to your birthright
  • Till the World Ends by Britney Spears
    See the sunlight/ We ain't stopping/ Keep on dancing till the world ends
  • Silver Moonlight (Instrumental) by Within Temptation
    No, I'm patient/ But this colours that I live/ All alone in this life/ I cannot see/ Dreams we hide are solid/ But we can't let her bleed/ Maybe what we make/ Can you see?
  • End of Time (Karaoke Version - Originally Performed by Beyonce) by Karaoke Masters
  • Loud Noises by Yuna
    And whenever you're about to fall apart/ Sing the songs we used to play/ And whenever you want to fix your heart/ Remember us and these loud noises
  • Your Heart Will Lead You Home by Kenny Loggins
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