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kiss me

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I'm crying bc I have a crush on my best friend and it's basically a Stiles/Scott relationship and it's NOT FAIR (also I've been listening to this on repeat for the past three days this is such a good collection of songs thank you so much for making it)

@sobbing_bc_fandoms i'm glad you like it!! and i'm so sorry about the whole best friend situation you have, that's really tough. i hope it works out!

"pining over your best friend" no but i can 100% picture stiles alone in his room playing his guitar (he has a guitar okay? that's my headcanon anyway) and singing softly because scott is out on a date with allison and he's SAD and ALONE. and the sheriff listens to the music through the door for a minute or two, but knows not to interrupt because his son is clearly going through something, and maybe he'd bring it up later at dinner or something.
and okay i really like this mix. and this ship.

thank you!! but stiles would totally be that kid that bought a guitar and never learned to play it until one day he just picked it up and decided to play it because scott wasn't around as much because of allison and he had more free time and then realized he could use his guitar to vent his sad romantic frustrations. i love your headcanon!!