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Welcome Back 90's


The 20th century was coming to an end and you were there! Listen and remember the music from the decade that closed out the century. This was more than music from the 90's, it defined the 90s. It made the 90's great because the music was great! Was the best music saved for last? Listen and see for yourself. As always is the case with new playlists, they start out small and more are added over time, so if you can't get enough check back often for more 90's bliss!
8/9/17 Welcome Back 90's has become the most listened to of all the Gen-Xer's Hit Parade inspired playlists! This has encouraged more development of the playlist and over a dozen songs have been replaced with the same songs of a higher quality. Some of your favorites may have been effected so you may need to mark them again

99 tracks