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Clearing Rain...


This is a multilingual (mainly Asian though) collection of soft songs that I will listen to during rainy days, it's not in perfect mix... but I hope you guys will enjoy it. I will update this playlist whenever I find songs suitable for this playlist, so stay tuned! Leave a comment below too. It would definitely encourage my future effort to work on some more playlist as well as if you have any suggestions of songs that I can put in here. :)

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I really love this mix... and I'm so happy that there are so many Asian songs! I find these song very beautiful, no matter if I don't understand the lyrics. Great job!

It's 不再想念 by 陳依婷Miogo, an OST for the Taiwanese movie 'BBS Hero' (BBS鄉民的正義)

If you knw Chinese, here's the youtube link for the official release of the soundtrack

是吗? 谢谢你的提醒 因为歌名 全都变 外星语符号了 所以只能 用猜的 过一会儿 我会纠正 :)