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my boyfriend from space


music for travelling across the galaxy with your cute boyfriend from beyond the stars
album art:
((idk if i ship what's in the picture but i thought it was pretty cute so w/e))

  • Dripping Star (norway pumpkin Remix) by naivepop or petitfool
  • Human Future by Aira Mitsuki
  • Space Dandy by Black and White colors
  • Burger Date by Space Boyfriend
  • Somebody (Together Robots Oopart RMX) by Levantine
  • Wild Glide Galaxy by Super Mario Galaxy 2
  • Moonchild by Cibo matto
  • (Ep 13) ANATATO by Space Dandy Music
  • Paris Match by VOICE
  • HOT JUPITER by surasshu
  • Sparkle (Tatsuro Yamashita cover) by Space Boyfriend
  • Je te dis au revoir (Disco Thief R's RMX) by Marking
  • Lonely Rolling Star (Missing You) by aivi & surasshu
13 tracks