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I am in total love with this playlist. I really love the electronic songs, especially that version of My Baby Shot Me Down and Here Comes Vi (does League of Legends have that good of an ost?? I've heard various playlists with a few songs from it and I'm like whaaaatt this is so good! Maybe I should hear a playlist of LoL music?). I could listen to that Beyonce song a billion times haha but I was a bit saddened when I saw M.I.A because as much as I first loved that song, I now see it in almost every playlist with this kind of theme and I've kind of grown out of it, but that's just me. And omg Bubblegum Bitch is by Marina and the Diamonds right?? That's it, I have to check them out, like right now. I've been missing out on too much. And omg Babymetal!! ANYWAYS, I could say a million things about this playlist but I'll start rambling, so I'll just include that you should probably cite where you got the picture from. If you didn't know the picture was drawn by Babs Tarr or Barbara and this piece is called "Bosozoku sailor scouts!": Fantastic job on the playlist!!

@musicuptheluna Thank you!! Regarding M.I.A., it's an obligatory track, I felt like I had to put it on there, so I guess it was a personal choice, I didn't know there were countless other playlists with the same track on there. But, thank you very much, I'm so glad you enjoyed it so much!