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Hanging out with Video Games.


  • Dreamland (Singularity & Mutrix Remix) by Singularity & Mutrix
  • Legend of Zeld by Song of Storms Time
  • Riding Through Hyrule by Ocarina Of Time
  • The Legend Of Zelda Dragon Roost Island (hydroxit Remix) by hydroxit
  • Sex & Super Smash Bros. by Kyle
  • Super Smash Bros Brawl Final Destination by JuansChapel
  • Super Smash Bros. Theme by SSB X Sound Team
  • Super Mario Bros. 'The Life and Death of the Mario Brothers' by Mattias Häggström Gerdt
  • Super Mario Brothers (Dubstep Remix)2 by jessicasmells
  • super mario brothers, zelda, inspector gadget electro/dub remix by electrickush
  • Perfect Dark by Main Theme
  • Starcraft Theme Master Mix (Blizzard) by KiloKaun
  • Terran Starcraft Theme by jonasmiranda
  • Starcraft theme xD by EP_Rough mix
  • I Try so Hard by Lincoln Park
  • Self Esteem by The Offspring
16 tracks
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