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Interstellar Surfin'



21 tracks
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90+ playlists... in ony 5-6 years ? It must have been a tremendous amount of work and time ! If so: congrats ! After a quick review I'll listen many of them - a lot of them, since many reflect my personal tastes. If you did so much in compiling, researching and mixing all those songs, you, therefore are a true music genius

J'ai oublié ( I forgot ) Keep on hippin', love that music ! À plusieures autres playlists sur 8Tracks, I've also mentioned that the Boston's Spinach sound was awesome ! The ULTIMATE to me and very few other Initiated people of that blessed era... Merci de m'avoir laissé votre petit mot humoristique. I appreciate ! Remember: keep on the good work.

@lautrecchatnoir-518 the day I discovered Ultimate Spinach was the best day of my life! I mean, not really, but it was love at first sight and I recommend them to every person that shows the slightest inclination toward acid/psychedelic rock from the late 60s. I'm glad to know that others share my intense appreciation for them :)