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KHAZÂD ⋈ music for the dwarves


a playlist for the race of dwarves. featuring heavy drums, brasses, horns, reedy winds, choral hymns and chants, and the persistent ringing heartbeat of the forge.

11 tracks
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Good playlist, but as perfectionnist as I am I think this playlist deserves more weight : a bit less of winds and strings, fatter horns, only heavy and bass drums. But the point that annoys me the most are the female choirs. That seems to be a lot of criticisms but a playlist can always be improved and yours have a lot of potential ;-)!

@The French Leprechaun Um. What? Why, because you think there are no female dwarves in Middle Earth? Dwarves are all manly men who pop out of holes in the ground?

The Bridge of Khazad-Dum alone makes me want to cry, this mix is absolutely perfect. I didn't think the dwarf undertones could be so great without Howard Shore's score, and I was so wrong.