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every 'southern gothic' mix ever


Ok, not really, don't get offended - but I kept listening to these tracks separately via my favourites on here and might as well combine them into a mix. They work nice enough together, anyway.

Suggestions for ~this type of music~ are very welcome.
Original photo by gorchakov.artem@flickr.

05/02/2014: despite what 8tracks claims, this playlist doesn't have remotely close to 40k listens and it's obviously longer than the 12 minutes currently claimed.

11 tracks
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Hey man, awesome mix. I've used a lot of these songs in some of my own playlists. Would you like me to post links to them here? Maybe you can find some other songs to throw in.

@Parables Yeah sure, go ahead. I can't promise I'll add them because beyond probably the first two songs this playlist turned out to be more of a 'starter pack' rather than 'listen to this awesome unknown music'. Cheers!