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Get out the butcher's knife!


I probably wont be able to put out another mix for awhile. It's just way too hard man. Without my playlist one mix takes months


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I had a great sunday night chillin' out to this. It's time to devote a few days reorganizing your music and get back to where you were. I'l bug you occasionally to make sure you stay motivated. Awesome mix dude!

I'm glad to hear that. Mix is pretty random, didn't have enough songs to make a mix that blended together. I'll try to put out another soon. The next mix I put out doesn't count, it's just going to be a "greatest hits" among the mixes I already have. Thanks for being patient :D

Your randomness is why I love your mixes so much. Try to stay productive. You have the best taste on 8tracks, you can't let me down. Use the bose headphones.