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I used to do drugs. I still do, but I used to, too.

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:) Thanks! I want to go back to the naked ladies (they bring more attention to my mixes) but good pictures are hard to find.

Aw. Thanks man :) I made a new hip hop mix. Not as good as this one, but I still dig on it. If you want to check it out its the mix with a picture of an ass :O

the mixes are bomb--no doubt on that. I could play your mixes at a party and shit would be the crackspot for days. As for the artwork, no worries. The difference between art and pornography is the gaze which is viewing it. With that said, still some beautiful choices--these women should be proud of the props.

Thanks. Love the question :P but the answer is no. I have no clue who these people are, and If I did I'd be one happy man. :P I go onto StumbleUpon and I choose "nude art" and I stumble until I find a decent picture. Most of the pictures I stumble on are almost all pornographic, but eventually find one that in a way kinda seems artistic.

This mix is bomb as it is chill! And I have to ask, (naively, perhaps) but did you take/ know the person who is on the cover art of all your mixes--they are beautiful.

Thanks :]

You are right, I do like Blackalicious, and I have that album :O

I'm trying to put together another hip hop mix, maybe I'll add them to it.