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Gorgeous playlist! (Though may want to check the labeling on track 34 - sounds very similar to Zimmer's 'The Last Samurai' - not sure.)

I should have verified first, apologies - it is Zimmer. Right movie, though. The similarities between the two scores are fascinating.

@thehiddenbaroness No worries - I did actually alter the labelling of some tracks so I could get more of the same artist into one playlist, but not that one. Just out of interest, was it a specific track from The Last Samurai that track 34 reminded you of? It's not a soundtrack I'm familiar with. Thanks for the comment!

@baneena It's a motif that runs through several of the tracks, but in particular the last one - 'A Small Measure of Peace' (toward the end). Although I've heard folks criticize Zimmer for sometimes sounding too 'samey' with his scores, at least they're good motifs. Personally I'd find it interesting to locate said motifs across multiple scores and see if it correlates with similarities in the films they're composed for! Anyhow, I definitely recommend the score for The Last Samurai. It has a good combination of sweeping/epic and calm.