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6 comments on peaceful beginning

This is very soothing, and listening to it while writing really made me feel calmer. And I love how much graces is included, since that game gets forgotten a lot :'>

@wabby994 aw, thank you!! i'm happy it made you feel calmer!!! :) and oh, you're right! graces really has some nice tunes, heheh

I love this! such beautiful, calming selections. I'm a major tales fan, and I always love seeing music from the series included or featured in other folks' mixes. so thanks a ton for putting this together!

@fiertia wow thank you so much!! i agree, it really is always nice to hear some tales music in mixes, seeing as how so many of the games have some really nice gems in the soundtracks. once again, thanks for listening!!

aaaaaa i loved this, i went to sleep to it last night and i have a feeling that won't be the last time i do. i'm a huge tales fan so it's great to see someone give the music more recognition!

@trigleph ohh my gosh thank you so much!! this is the sweetest comment! i agree, sometimes there's really nice music in a scene in a tales game and it just makes it a lot more memorable. i'm glad you enjoyed the mix!!! :)