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The Vocaloid Music Box

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Music box versions of songs that help me sleep or creep me out depending on how paranoid I am. It starts off slow then picks up the pace as it goes along

  • Musicbox. by [Vocaloid] Magnet
  • Meltdown music box by Aliah Afifah
  • {Len Kagamine} Servant of Evil [Music Box Version] by shiori_kido
  • Alice of Human Sacrifice ♦Music Box♦ by missbakaartist
  • 480p) by Circus Monster (Music Box ver.) (SD
  • Trick And Treat Music Box by Khaisilyn Gania
  • Bad Apple by Music Box Version
  • Carry On My Wayward Son (Music Box Cover) by Loks
  • Red Like Roses (RWBY Music Box Version) by ksmusicboxes
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