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Drama OST


Music from some of my favorite dramas.

  • 01.プラネタリウム by davichi
    My favorite from the Japanese drama,Hana Yori Dango
  • 지선 (Sarangeh michyeoseo) by 사랑에 미쳐서
    From the kdrama, Shining Inheritance
  • Nae Gaseumeh Saneun Saram [OST Shining Inheritance] by Isu 이수 ( MC The MAX )
    From the kdrama, Shining Inheritance
  • Pound Beauty by Ave Maria
    From the South Korean film, 500 Pounds Beauty
  • Stand By Me by SHINee
    From the kdrama, Boys Over Flowers
  • i'M stupid by SS501
    My favorite from kdrama, Boys Over Flowers
  • Max (BOF Ost) by Paradise~ T
    From kdrama, Boys Over Flowers
  • SOLO ( Skip Beat OST) Full Version by Super Junior M
    From Taiwanese drama, Skip Beat
  • 말도 안돼 by 윤하 (Younha)
    From the kdrama, Personal Preference
  • Silly by 2AM
    From kdrama, Personal Preference
  • Gomen ne by Yamashita Tomohisa
    From jdrama, Nobuta wo Produce [I'm not sure if this was actually in it but it is Yamashit Tomohisa so I had to add it :)]
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