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Sunsets and Sapphires


Pair this smooth playlist with a little Bombay Sapphire and some sunsets. Ten tracks of ambient instrumental lounge music, including singles by Jakatta and Chocolate Tannoy.

10 tracks
8 comments on Sunsets and Sapphires

This mix gets more incredible each time I come back. It's like returning to an exotic vacation locale and seeing more of the sights than your first time. Thank you for helping me stay focused on getting my two Masters degrees! I feel like you're an old friend.

And here (hear) I come again, dear friend. Today you are helping me with my FIN506 midterm. And, at the risk of sounding silly, my dog is also quite happy chilling to this mix. :-) You're part of the family!

So happy to hear you keep coming back to listen! It's a real joy to connect through music and I'm happy this mix continues to do just that.