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The Ancient, The Land


A mostly instrumental mix for Strahd von Zarovich -- his grandeur, his pride, his cruelty, his beauty, his power, and all the unholy terror that accompanies him through the many ages of his tyranny. Sweeping orchestras, deep strings, ominous organs, and a lot of repeating tunes for his eternities of reliving his doom. He is ancient. He is the land.

(Basically songs I felt fit him, but also songs I could imagine him listening to as he drains the last life from your corpse.)

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What a wonderful playlist! I loved that you included tracks from the show "Penny Dreadful" as well as an old favorite, Midnight Syndicate. The list flowed nicely, allowing me to really crank out some darker, edgier writing. Thank you, so very much! This shall become one of my go-to's for all the creepy, drear and suspenseful episodes in my novel! ~Blessed be, and merry meet, MadHatterwock

@madhatterwock Oh wow, thank you so much! This is the best possible comment I could get, I'm super flattered. :) Especially glad to hear it flows nicely, that's something I always aim for. If you'd like, I have the playlist up on YouTube as well, since 8tracks is picky about not letting you loop things: Either way, thank you again!

@baroqueout Oh, excellent! I'm very sorry for the extremely late response! You are most welcome! The compliments were well deserved. I am always listening to 8tracks and it's fairly rare for me to stumble upon a list that transitions so well into the next song. I will most definitely loop this list on the good ol' Youtube! Keep up the amazing work! I'm sure to check out your other lists once the muse strikes me again!