Barry M. Wein
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Beatlesque: Music Inspired by the Fab Four


The Beatles can be found in the center of my musical universe. Over the years, I've been collecting songs that are clearly under the influence of John, Paul, George and Ringo. I figured it was about time that I shared these songs so others may enjoy them too. This collection is dedicated to Judd, my brother from another mother and musical partner in crime. I would also like to give a shout out to my Uncle David and Aunt Carole for showing me the way...Enjoy!

166 tracks
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hopeless... wont listen again - in nearly an hour, no original artists (Beatles or solo or Merseybeat songs). If I want to listen to half-baked, hopeless faux Beatles music, I'd buy an Oasis album.

Pity you couldn't appreciate it. Seems like you failed to read or understand the title of this particular mix, "Beatlesque: Music Inspired by the Fab Four". By intention, you will not find original songs by the Beatles or by members of the band as solo artists. However, there are several songs included from bands from Liverpool beside the River Mersey. As for your last rude comment, I don't believe most people describe the music of XTC, Paul Weller, Wilco, The Waterboys, Big Star, the Rolling Stones, Elliot Smith, The Shins, The Divine Comedy and most of the artists on this collection as "half-baked, hopeless faux Beatles music". That comment says something about you, not about me or the music in this mix. You have clearly missed the point and spirit of this music and I agree that you are not the right audience for it.

ive been listening to this playlist for so long and cant stop loving this great music! thanks for making my life so much happier and colourful with these fantastic songs. lovely playlist!

Wow! These tracks are not just Beatlesque. They’re all great songs in their own right. And you managed to do it while limiting each artist to one. So many obscure gems I’d never heard before – Sorry Paul, Big Orange Sun, I Don’t Mind At All, Bubble, Holly Park to name but a few.
I salute your dedication, your taste and your generosity. On behalf of the World, thanks.