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Seems Like Old Times: Favorite Songs of 2011


119 songs on the soundtrack of my year. From indie rock to funky soul, debut artists to old friends, originals to covers, solos to big band, comedy to tragedy, soup to nuts, Sheboygan to Fond Du Lac and back again…Colossal kudos and thanks to all the incredible artists represented on these tracks. I’m also incredibly grateful to all the kindred spirits, bloggers and web sites that pointed me in the right direction. Enjoy!

118 tracks
8 comments on Seems Like Old Times: Favorite Songs of 2011

Barrrryyyy, I would never be able to get through all of this data entry without your fabulous mixes!! Muchas, muchas gracias from two feet away. :)

Sorry for the delayed response. Seeing you today jarred my faulty memory! I've often thought that music makes life more bearable. That is certanly true for data entry...Knowing that you are enjoying my few mixes makes me very happy. I've got a few new ones coming over the next few days and hope to upload on a more regular basis in the future. Stay tuned to W-E-I-N radio!

Wow! Hard to believe there was so much I missed last year. Only about 15 songs in, but you did a fantastic job so far!

This is very cool! Besides coming to this site and playing it is there a way I can download them into a Barry's Fav Playlist?

BMW continues to nail it! Vera happy to be on the receiving end of this excellent selection. happy new year to youse all while I'm about praising your jickey virtues.

Thanks Reuel. I'm proud to still count you among my few fans...You have to share with me any good finds you've discovered of late..