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And everything will be okay <3

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"Just wait things out. Things won't be bad forever, I promise you" <3

  • Hold on Till May by Pierce the Veil feat. Lindsey Stamey
  • The world is ugly origonal my chemical romance by Leah Ferry
  • Keep On Keeping On by Travie Mc Coy Ft. Brendon Urie
  • Scars by SayWeCanFly
  • Save Rock And Roll (VEVO Presents) by Gabriel Cris
  • One Less Heart To Break by hitherebub
  • Interlude: Moving On (Paramore cover) by Ale Aguirre
  • Dandelion Necklace by TheOnlyElotrix
  • Frank iero joyriding by Leah Ferry
  • Can't Stand It by Never Shout Never
10 tracks
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