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Welcome to the JERSEY CLUB


this mix is full of jersey club bangers for all your fist pumping, gym going, tan acquiring, and laundry doing needs.....

  • Paranoid (DJ Hoodboi & Falcons) by Ty Dolla $ign
  • Give It 2 U (Trippy Turtle Remix) by Trippy Turtle
  • I Get Lonely (Hoodboi Edit) by Hoodboi
  • Don't Say U Luv Me by Block Flute Squad
  • Body Party (DjTray Remix) @TreyCartel by Dj Tray
  • Getting Wood by Trippy Turtle & Booty Beaver
  • Touch Me (Vices Remix) by Cathy Dennis
  • Up Down (DjTray Remix) by Dj Tray
  • Aaliyah by Aaliyah
  • You Are My High by R Ash
10 tracks
1 comment on Welcome to the JERSEY CLUB

I tried to make it through this whole mix but that fucking creaking mattress sample got real old. turtle n hoodboi overuse that shit

yeah honestly that is just the sound of jersey club....I guess it was like trap when they used to drop the "damn son whered you find this" in every'll grow as a genre