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Playa Never Sleeps


Potential Playa viral playmaytions.

  • John Wizards by John Wizards
    Super upbeat, mosdef makes me think of the playa. This is a duo from South Africa.
  • Feelers by Crushed Beaks
    Great energy, and a little bit emo... but so is life. They are out of London.
  • Flaws by Bastille
    Also out of London, this song reminds me of the principle of our camp. Get Your Shit Together (get the GYST?).
  • GLASS CANDY by Glass Candy
    Glass Candy is out of Portland, OR, Johnny Jewel is apart of this band and others, and responsible for the Chromatics. There is apart of the song where she says "we die (or is it dine?) and wait for the burn. This may be darker than some like, PUT A BIRD ON IT!
  • Oh Sheit it's X by FlyLo FM
    I swear, I think this guy is just seeing how much more famous he can be by being hilarious. He is from Smell A. Has collaborated with Erykah Badu, Suicidal Tendencies, Flying Lotus, Stanley Clarke. AMAZEBALLS!
  • Ode to Subterrania by Hooded Fang
  • Come Walk With Me by M.I.A.
    Who has never heard of M.I.A.? It's like someone saying they've never watched the Karate Kid...
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