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... thank you got these words, once more. I need to think of your mix deeply. coming up soon after a couple more dedications

This is an epic mix, almost harrowing- until the indomitable Sun Ra lands. His grounded jazz, although cosmic in scope, brings a humanity to the overall omen of the mix. Then Fela and finally the Snarky Puppy which inject a real soul of benevolence to what I see as the ultimate conundrum to being alive. Misgivings, joy, and the Burden Of Reason that is the core of humanity. All of this is brought into focus (for me) by the cover picture. A very enjoyable listen my man.

the intended message was something along the lines of this: "no matter how individual our struggles may seem, the whole of our peoples experience the same instinctual fears, desires, and what have you. Only when at peace with the world will one be at peace with one's self."