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I have the same playlist on my laptop man !! That's weird haha .. great songs! I'm new here on this website glad to know that people listen to this type of music

Thanks, if you're into trip hop, i suggest you follow the man who has commented below..he has a good range..
and Thanks :)

thanks , you sure know your trip hop, I am an amateur as far as trip hop is concerned, so the usual suspects in the list.

I have just started collecting DJ Shadow and Zero 7 , my thing was always Morcheeba and Portishead. Now I follow you so hopefully I will know more :)

Oh we can definitely learn together! Be sure to checkout Belleruche and Bonobo too and I'm more than happy to trade notes any time.

also, here is a compendium with some other classics too trip-hop-compendium" rel="external"> enjoy!