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the lc lp


for members of the clique who couldn't get it. used a vinyl converter so hope it sounds alright! I-/ (ps something was wrong with ode to sleep so it has little ticks in the beginning but its fine after a while)

9 tracks
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this is prob a weird comment but did you happen to get the rsd vinyl from today?? if you did maybe could you upload it online like you did for this lc lp? because this playlist is a blessing & im still crying over not being able to get the rsd ,, thanks fam

this version of goner always makes my heart hurt so much, just because the accordion sounds like a noose and god, it's beautiful but it hurts and also this playlist is amazing thank you so much :)

LOVE THIS also you can hear the beginning of heavydirtysoul at the end of goner if you listen really close and now im like whoa

@kaylaliskk only the first 3 songs on the playlist (fall away, forest, and ode to sleep) are from the actual lc lp because the vinyl only came with those songs, all the others were added so that it would be able to publish onto 8tracks!