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since cien left the vocaloid industry recently, i thought i'd do a mix of their songs ranging from the old to the new. thank you for everything, crusher, and best of luck in your future musical endeavors!

cover art is by crusher themself

edit: added obey because i forgot it, oops!!

  • Rugrats Theory ORIGINAL by TheEnderMelody
  • ?VOCALOID ORIGINAL?Calalini?Ka by PandaHero57
  • Aokigahara by Crusher-P ft. Hatsune Miku
  • Bi☣hazard by CrusherP feat. Aiko Kikyuune
  • [GUMI English]WILDFIRE!! by 12darkale
  • [VOCALOID Original] ECHO [Gumi English] by JustWillBrah
  • Five Nights At Freddy's Song by Kaai Yuki
  • CYBER DIVA Official Demo ATHENA CircusP CrusherP by Shigamuri Nana
  • 【Vocaloid Original Song】 Crystalline 【Gumi English】 by doingtheshit
  • Lady Parsec HD by Obey
  • Big Brother (Crusher Remix) by Crusher-P ft. Maki Watase
11 tracks
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