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sleepy weeaboos (◡‿◡✿)


calm n peaceful japanese tunes from anime and otherwise for sleep times =w=

minimal vocaloid in this one because i make too many vocaloid mixes. used aoba as the cover art because i literally could not find anything else sourced and over 500x500 holy shit,,


25.10.14 - added 3 more tracks.

  • You (vocal) by Dai
  • 01 - Arrietty の歌 by Defonz de Snakeback
  • (01) [Rie Fu] Tsuki Akari by Uslanmam Sadık Çokünlü
  • Sakura Kiss For String by Ouran High School Host Club Ost
  • Meltdown- Piano by Kagamine Rin
  • White Knight by ROAD (EmpathP Cover)
  • Marco / vc-pf20130218 (Ep 16 BGM) Piano Cover by Shingeki no Kyojin
  • Cant I Even Dream by Miku
  • Fly Me To The Moon @Neon Genesis Evangelion by Angel3mil
  • Opening (Japanese) by Fruits Basket
  • elfen lied opening lillium by Morgan Berthelot
11 tracks