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study ya lil shit


ssstudy musicccc B))

making this because a lot of study music mixes here are chill and calming ones, and i need upbeat music to pump me up to work!

(when will i stop making vocaloid mixes? never. im too attached to these dumb singing robotos send help)

will update with more songs probs

  • 【Kagamine Len】 Hot Cocoa ~ by Mitsuki-Nyan ●ω●
    you knew it was gonna start with this cmon
  • Kasane Teto [TypeWriter] by VocaloidZone/ZonaVocaloID
  • Brabant (Original Mix) by Marco Bailey
  • +♂ (Plus Boy) [Kagamine Len] by 【LEN】
  • いかないで Ikanaide 【まふまふ Mafumafu】 by YumEmi
  • GigaP feat. Reol ) by 04.drop pop candy (No Title
  • A Female Ninja, But I Want To Love [rachie Duet] (English Cover) by JubyPhonic
  • Senbonzakura by kradness
  • Six Trillion Years And Overnight Story by IA
  • [Reol X nqrse] LUVORATORRRRRY! by Utaite
  • KAITO by Kaito
  • Len KagaMine Power by Rolling Girl (rap Version )
  • Karakuri Pierrot「からくりピエロ」 by Luka Megurine
  • 1,2 Fanclub by Hastune Miku Y Kagamine Len
  • Burenai Ai De by Mitchie M ft. Miku
15 tracks