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T H E C A P T A I N.

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this fanmix is so fuckin g good and i was chilling and then what a wonderful world came on and i ust.....all these emotions....all these i gonna cry over my fictional bf...i will....this fanmix is flawless 15/10 would listen to again

@derfinitup ooooh h my god thank you so much??? im sorry i made u feel *hands tissues* but thats a huge compliment im so glad you enjoyed it ;w;

hello!! i finished alpha sapphire recently and i saw this mix and after listening to it, i feel like you totally get archie. like, this mix is absolutely perfect. i'm so glad i stumbled upon it!!

@kmotsko ahhh oh my gosh thank you so much?? i wasnt really sure if it was ooc or not but im super glad you think that and im very happy that you enjoyed it!! ;w;