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“Sometimes I’m terrified of my heart; of its constant hunger for whatever it is it wants. The way it stops and starts.”

(in all ways, everywhere, he speaks only of god)

12 tracks
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i. [ . . . ]
ii. there's a monster growing in our heads, raised up on the wicked things we've said
iii. if you don't eat yourself, no doubt the pain will instead
iv. (i see you, i see all. what do you think? i'm here. i am everywhere.)
v. if i ever lose my mouth, oh if... i won't have to talk...
vi. waited til the morning where the sun did rise, but the moon still lingered in his weary eyes
vii. [ . . . ]
viii. who by very slow decay, and who shall i say is calling?
ix. [ . . . ]
x. you know that there's a place in the sun, for all that you've done
xi. (the sea has cradled them along the shores of clear bays)
xii. no one should brave the underworld alone