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green is blue, and so are you

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i. (like a rat, i want to be beautiful)
ii. you still don't know what you think of me, you still don't know what you mean to me
iii. i wanna paint your nails, i wanna make you scream
iv. all i wanna do is tag along with you
v. yeah, i met somebody in a sea of people, and that's just how i'll leave it
vi. i'm gonna be so quick that you're never quite sure if you're tough enough to last this
vii. i fell for crime, i fell for beauty. i fell for you because you're the one that cared
viii. when you own the world, you're always home
ix. i know i'm an animal. don’t know right from wrong, but i know what feels good
x. rejoice despite the fact this world will tear you to shreds. rejoice because you’re trying your best
xi. australia, the chance of a lifetime! australia, you get what you work for!