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how'd you get so rude and reckless?


that's when it came to me:
i'm not alone.
i felt the world stop turning.
stop in your tracks (where could i go?)
cover my back (let yourself show)

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i. pleased to meet you, take my hand. there’s no way back from here.
ii. i’ll build a house inside of you, i’ll go in through the mouth.
iii. if you bet on me, you’ve won.
iv. soldier on, soldier on. keep your heart close to the ground.
v. the devil takes care of his own.
vi. we hear them sayin', ‘now first you must cure your temper.’
vii. [ ... ]
viii. don’t you think it’s time to get used to having me around? (i don’t mind.)
ix. i stand tall, my feet are on the ground. but compared to you i’m small, the things you need you just surround.
x. try but i can't remember how it began. (back in the day) was there a plan? (follow my way)
xi. heaven or hell or somewhere in between. cross your heart to take me when you leave.