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1 comment on NOT YOUR HERO

i. they're gonna eat me alive
if i stumble

ii. in the daylight you're crossing all your wires
you never knew just how to put out a fire

iii. sometimes it feels like they wanna remind me
send all those villains after me
i'm not their hero
but that doesn't mean that i wasn't brave

iv. the beast in me that everybody knows
they've seen him out dressed in my clothes

v. well he said "one thing, before I graduate...
never let your fear decide your fate."

vi. i'm taking my first breath
oh, i'm alive and this time i won't forget

vii. it's getting better all the time
this heart's on fire

viii. i'm scared that everyone is out to get me
these days before you speak to me you pause

ix. nothing good was ever free
no one gets it, no one sees

x. oh, i wonder what it's like to be the type who doesn't burn
yeah, the kind who fights the good fight

xi. here we are now, entertain us

xii. he'll save every one of us!