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revolutionary girl marie antoinette


it's about (anime) marie antoinette. i tried to put the songs in a somewhat chronological order to match her life.

  • What You Know by Two Door Cinema Club
    tfw u never see your husband because he's busy making locks
  • Dancing Queen by ABBA
    so when she's 17 she goes to Paris for the first time and she goes to parties ect. funny how the age in the song matches with marie's age given in the series.
  • Primadonna by Marina and The Diamonds
    this song might be a little overused in general but whatever. marie kinda lived the primadonna life from the womb to the tomb (yeah almost).
  • First Love Never Die by Soko
    after everyone decides it's better for fersen to leave he comes back 4 years later and they still love each other damn... (notice how the number of years in the song matches with the actual one?)
  • Joan jett bad reputation by Sarnai
    people hate her ect ect and she doesn't really change her behavior
  • Children Of The Revolution by T.Rex
    yep, you won't fool the children of the revolution. e.g. the masses in this case.
  • Dance (while the music still goes on) by ABBA
    another abba song about dancing but this one is more dramatic ect (lyrics-wise). probably related to fersen again.
  • Voltaire the Headless Waltz.wav by user170559034
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