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DJ Tsukki

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First of all - AMAZING playlist. I love it. Really. And, what's more, Tsukki being a dj is a great idea and the song choice is great for him. And I can't believe how much I love the first song. It's almost magical. Also - your playlist was pumping me up for writing a TsukiYama fic with Tsukki as a dj. I've linked your playlist when I posted it.

Sick beats man! I can just imagine Tsukki shredding on turntables and shit.... I need to write an AU of DJ Tsukki.... Bless your playlist, it's very inspiring for writing, haha. Your art is amazing, too, by the way!

Gosh I love this so much! i listen to it every day and it fits tsukki so well and your art is perfect too!