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let's watch the leaves turn


my favorite season is creeping upon us, so let's sit and watch the leaves turn together. let's fall in love with fall.

9 tracks
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1. Woodland- The Paper Kites (amazing band, btw. you should totally check them out!)
2. Oats We Sow- Gregory & The Hawk
3. Equestrian- US Royalty
4. Feeding Line- Boy & Bear
5. Soul Meets Body- Death Cab for Cutie
6. Paper Forest (In the Afterglow of Rapture)- Emmy the Great
7. One October Song- Nico Stai
8. Chugjug- Family of the Year
9. Dirty Paws- Of Monsters and Men (another awesome band!)

I hope this is what you wanted! Thank you so much for listening and above all else, loving it!

have a happy autumn :)

Yay! Thanks so much :) That's so sweet of you.
I love Of Monsters and Men, a friend and I are completely obsessed. And I've only heard a few The Paper Kites songs, but I liked them, so I'll take your word for it and listen to some more. Thanks again! :)