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twenty candles


today i turned two decades old and i'm not quite sure if i'm happy or sad or somewhere in between.

growing up sure is a strange, bittersweet experience.

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hey, thanks for this mix, i enjoyed it. today's my birthday & and i'm trying to figure out what that even means, and where i'm going, what i'm doing. i'm just at that crossroads where everything's so... uncertain. i hope not to feel so uncertain about everything, i'm trying to work on that. but anyway, thank you.

happy belated birthday!

don't worry about feeling uncertain. the future is a scary place, but i believe that you'll pick the right road. i hope everything works out in your favor and i wish you luck navigating through this.

keep your head up <3

a bit belated, but happy birthday! i turn 22 tomorrow ... going through a rough patch but hoping ill forget abt it all tomorrow ... :) thank you for the awesome music!

Thank you so much! Happy birthday to you as well! I hope you get through your rough patch, but just remember that better things are coming, just keep your head up!

You're very welcome for the awesome music. Thank you for listening and enjoying it!