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she's dreaming


even the stars fall asleep on this late night
the moon is alone in the sky
as it softly falls through the window and shines
it makes you think of me.

grab a blanket, a cup of tea, and your favorite book, because it's time to chill— exo style.

lullaby + stormy night ver of promise was found here:

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i just unknowingly studied for an hour and a half while listening to this playlist omg??? i've never had a more enjoyable time making science notes this playlist is great

I absolutely love this playlist. It includes some of the best, chill songs (like I'm Dreaming) and I'm really glad you also included some of Luhan's songs even though he's technically considered a former member. Btw, I would love it if you made a chill playlist for a girl group like f(x). Best of luck~