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All-Time Faves!


A roundhouse kick of a collaboration between the 8tracks team and some of our favorite DJs and musicians!

This playlist is a show of support for crowdfunding 8tracks and is included in the official #back8tracks collection:

Learn more about investing in 8tracks here:

Cover artwork by the beautiful and talented Maximillian Piras (@maximillian).

With a big shoutout to the following contributors & featured artists:
@colortheory (
@natemaingard (
@krewella (
@allgonepetetong (
@portugal-the-man (
NoMBe (
Gallant (

[Disclaimer: 8tracks, Inc. (the “Company”) is offering securities through the use of an Offering Statement that has been qualified by the Securities and Exchange Commission under Tier II of Regulation A. A copy of the Final Offering Circular that forms a part of the Offering Statement may be obtained from]

27 tracks
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