on October 13, 2016

Horror movies are a weird pastime. Like, if aliens came to Earth and asked us to explain horror movies to them, what would we say? “Yeah, sometimes just for fun we’ll sit in a room and stare at moving pictures until we feel scared.” After that they’d just stop asking questions and proceed with the invasion and eradication of Earth. We assume.

So why do we love horror movies so much? Because they make us feel things! They’re creepy, usually funny, sometimes sexy but in a weird way. More than any other form of entertainment, horror movies are engineered TO MAKE YOU FEEL SOMETHING RIGHT NOW, using all the tools at their disposal, especially the music.

But if you’re anything like us, sometimes you want to change up the soundtrack to your favorite horror movies. Like maybe you imagine The Ring set to country western music, or The Exorcist set to Latin jazz, or The Shining set to hip hop (we’ve already explored this vision). Well, this mix contest gives you a chance to make the soundtrack you’ve always imagined for your favorite movies and possibly win some fabulous prizes in the process.

  • Make a NEW 'alternate soundtrack' playlist.

  • Tag it: “#back8tracks” & “halloween” & "alternate soundtrack" along with appropriate genres, moods, or themes.

  • Copy & paste this text into your playlist description:

"This Halloween playlist is included in the official #back8tracks collection: https://8tracks.com/themed-collections/collections/back8tracks

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  • Publish your playlist by the conveniently spooky date of October 31 to be officially entered into our ongoing #back8tracks contest.