on September 16, 2016

Have you ever been to one of your favorite artists’ shows, feeling all kinds of feelings, when all of a sudden it seems like they looked directly at you? Or better yet, have you ever had that dream when that same artist is in the middle of the show and calls you up to the stage because they “need a little help with this one” and you go up there and you’re crying because you’re so happy and perform the song with them and everyone agrees it’s the best version of that song they’ve ever heard and the artist tells you that you’re THEIR biggest influence? Just us? Ok.

What we’re getting at is that’s kind of how we feel at this moment. These 8 amazing artists, including Chance the Rapper, Gallant, and Color Theory, have teamed up to make a playlist in an effort to #back8tracks. It's an amazing gift that we're paying forward to all of you, and we're happy to add it to the many amazing playlists our community has made to show their support. You all make us feel loved.

Artists unite to #back8tracks

by Staff Picks

1       8 tracks
Ever been to your favorite artist's show and for just a second, you could swear they looked right at ...

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