on October 17, 2016

Last month, we launched a mixtape contest asking our most studious DJs to help us send everyone back to school in style. Needless to say, they schooled us in the art of mix mastery, and after much careful study, we’re ready to announce the winners!

These talented DJs have all just won a gift of ad-free 8tracks+ for the next year. Check out their handiwork below:

Unfortunately, we also have a bit of sad news to deliver today. Recently, we lost one of our own; tkyd--an outspoken member of our community, an incomparable 8tracks DJ, and a personal friend--passed away last week and left us all brokenhearted. However, he also left us an incredible gift in the form of the many thoughtful mixtapes he crafted over the past 7 years.

Specifically, he contributed this beautiful creation to our ‘Back to School’ contest, which we’re honored to present to you. Enjoy, and think of our friend Pat as you listen.

Thank you so much again to all who participated in this contest as well as the rest of the #back8tracks campaign! We’re grateful for your continued support, and so excited for what your contributions will help us accomplish, including bringing 8tracks back to a global audience, playlist creation on mobile, introducing 8tracks on new platforms, and making the 8tracks experience better in just about every way. Everything will be beautiful and nothing will hurt.

If you haven’t joined the #back8tracks campaign, but think those things we just mentioned sound good, it’s not too late! Become an investor before October 21 to help make the perfect 8tracks experience a reality (plus all our investors get at least one year of ad-free