on September 23, 2016

Today is Bisexual Visibility Day, a time when we support and celebrate those of us who, like Captain America, love the stars and stripes.

It's an opportunity to spread awareness about bisexuality as a sexual preference, to dispel assumptions and biases - that being bisexual means you're promiscuous or indecisive or that you subscribe strictly to a binary view of gender. Moreover, it's an opportunity for people who often feel misunderstood even within the LGBTQ community to bring the conversation about their identities to the forefront and contribute to an ongoing and evolving conversation about sexuality.

To celebrate, we've collected some playlists from our community made as proud expressions of bi identity.

the star spangled man (who likes boys and girls in uniform)

by theskunklady

1,157       17 tracks
Because everyone knows that he loves stars AND stripes


by athosds

5,673       24 tracks
a fanmix for girls who like girls and girls who like girls and boys (renamed because of 8tracks new p...

i like what i like

by sunbak

919       8 tracks
Call all the ladies out, they’re in their finery, a hundred jewels on throats, a hundred jewels betwe...

I'm crazy for the ladies

by zeniekins

12,955       15 tracks
I just really like girls ok

girls + girls + boys

by dennismac

74       12 tracks
i don't need to make the choice i like girls and i like boys (also kinda my own experience with my s...

Happy Bi Playlist

by giveyouthestars

Happy Bi Playlist

by giveyouthestars

189       18 tracks
For those days when you need a reminder that your sexuality is valid and nothing is wrong with you

The Queen and her Lady Knight: Queer Ladies Conquering the World

by thejessbeast

34       25 tracks
The Queen expands her empire with her trusted knight at her side

she's out of this world!

by perfectly_octagonal

she's out of this world!

by perfectly_octagonal

231       18 tracks
for all of you sapphic angels a playlist by beeclub on tumblr