on July 06, 2017

It's high time we talked about a glorious 8tracks tradition known as the fanmix.

Fanmixes are pretty much exactly what they sound like: fanfiction playlists. Like any other 8tracks playlist, a fanmix is a collection of music an 8tracks DJ loves, but they take it a step further by celebrating another piece of art they love, or a character from that piece of art.

Think of it like a mixtape dedicated to your best friend or your crush, just if your best friend was Buffy Summers.

Or if your crush was America Chavez.

And if we're being honest, that's probably the truth anyway, right?

This, friends, is exactly the kind of thing that makes 8tracks special. You can make playlists in a way that lets you express yourself way beyond your simple taste in music. And there are few who do this quite as well as our fanmix community.

And so, fanmixers, we salute you!